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Annual Wellness Visit

The ultimate preventive care checklist that will help you achieve quality goals & revenue codes that you are currently missing.

Annual Wellness Visit Reimbursement

Use our software for streamlined delivery of United States Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations for your patient panel. Improve your quality score, maximize preventive care revenue and streamline patient care.


CPT : G0402

  • Initial Preventive Exam
  • First year of Medicare
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • ECG Add On

CPT : 0439

  • Subsequent Wellness Visit
  • Provided Every Year
  • Depression Screen Add-On
  • Alcohol Screen Add-On

CPT : 99497

  • Advance Care Planning
  • $0 Copay G0438 
  • $0 Copay G0439
  • $0 Copay with G0402

CPT : 99406

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Counseling Add-on 
  • G0436 for 3 - 10 mins
  • G0437 for 10 - 20 mins

CPT: G0438

  • Initial Wellness Visit
  • Depression Screen Included
  • Alcohol Screen Included
  • Advance Planning Add-On

CPT: G0442 - G0443

  • Alcohol Screen
  • Alcohol Counseling
  • Add-On for G0439
  • Included in G0402,0438

CPT: G0444

  • Depression Screening
  • PHQ9 Preferred
  • 4 time positive follow-up
  • Once a year on negative

CPT: G0446 - G0447

  • Obesity Counseling
  • Cardiovascular Counseling
  • Add-On Counseling
  • Untapped opportunity
Custom Software

Custom Software

Capturing all the requirements of the Annual Wellness Visits is a daunting task. Ranging from Health Risk Assessment to mental health screenings to behavioral health screenings to habits. There are also options to provide Advanced Care Planning and add-on counseling services.

With AstuteDoc software, we break down the workflow to three components, the patient component that can be completed via email or through the tablet at the front desk. The Medical Assistant component that is driven by patient answers and a final report for providers to counsel the patients and manage referrals.

Finally, all the data can be converted to appropriate billing statements for quality codes and medical billing.

Maximum Billing

Maximum Billing

There are three questions to ask when billing for Annual Wellness Visits.

1) Am I performing the service for all the patients in my practice? - Many practices are exhausted providing the service for 10% of their panel.

2) Am I maximizing the screenings and counseling done on each patient for maximum revenue and patient care? - Some practices try to do the minimum to satisfy the basic codes leaving more revenue generation referrals on the table.

3) Am I generating all the quality codes to increase my MIPS or ACO quality metrics? - Tracking quality is hard, training staff to input the appropriate codes is harder.

With AstuteDoc's Annual Wellness Visit software, we can streamline all three aspects with you.

Maximum Quality

Maximum Quality

Collecting and tracking performance and reporting metrics is not the easiest task for practices. It requires careful screening of the patient to qualify for the metric. In many cases, it may require the tracking of patients outside the visit.

With the AstuteDoc software, tracking quality does not end within the AWV visit, we help you track referrals and follow-ups also through our chronic care management program.

We work with you to report on these quality programs through the ACO vendor or through the EMR vendor or through billing purposes.

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