Medicare Annual wellness visit is an annual consultation with your primary care physician to make or renew your personalized prevention plan.The AWV visit developed as a part of Affordable Care Act in the year of 2010.

Medicare annual wellness visits notify practitioners about their patients’ health status up-to-date. With the help of AWV patients can get actionable advice from their doctors to maintain or improve health outcomes for next year.

It can be an addition of practitioners’ small routine with slight effect on operations. Medicare AWV determines care intervals , preventive plans, revenue growths and develops physicians valued-based treatment.

What is Annual Wellness Visit Medicare? 

As reported by, AWV visit is to establish or upgrade a Personalized Preventive Plan to prevent patients from diseases and disability based on their present health condition and risk factors.

Actually the AWV visit is not mandatory,but it’s highly recommended for senior citizens.The visit can start after 12 months of signing up for Medicare Part B. The measurements  & assessments taken during the first visit  are the benchmark of future visits.

Medicare participants can avail this regular exam as free of cost which helps them on preventive care and overall wellness .Primary care physician may also refer you to necessary medical education or preventative counseling services to minimize the risk factors, about things like weight loss, fall protection, smoking stoppage, or physical activity.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is Mandatory or not ?

No. Medicare AWV is Advantageous but Not mandatory. There is nothing to lose if you meet the eligibility criteria.You can manage and prevent complications of your health by having this advantage program.

AWV – CPT Code 

Medicare AWV CPT code

Difference Between Annual Wellness Visit And Physical Exam

A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is different from traditional “Physical Exam”.This visit does not contain diagnostics related to blood work or urine tests or complete body  check-up,such as lungs or abdomen.

There is no penalty if you are not attending the follow up Visit. The AWV visit helps you to monitor your health issues and identify the medical problems earlier.

During your AWV visit your clinicians will enquire about the entire “Health Risk Assessment”. This analysis will have a survey that includes your health condition, injury details and emergency medical reasons. 

What You Can Expect From The Visit?

  • A complete analysis of your medical and family history.
  • Increasing or updating a list of present suppliers and prescriptions.
  • Blood pressure,weight,Height, and other usual measurements.
  • Detection of any psychological disability.
  • Personalized medical guidance.
  • A list of risk factors and care options.
  • Evaluate your practical ability and safety risks.
Annual Wellness Visit
Annual Wellness Visit

Who Is Eligible for Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

New Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) or Medicare Advantage scholars who have registered for 12 months and failed to attend their “Welcome to Medicare” visit in the past 12 months are eligible for the AWV Visit. You Can get  one visit per 12-month period.

Methods For Practice to  Get Started

  • All Medicare Part B patient can avail AWV
  • Achieve your self management goals with this service to recognize patients 
  • Choose patients the staff has recognized as maximum risk 
  •  Use this benefit to risk covering your patient population.
  • Use this service to report diagnoses and situations to exactly reflect patient severity of disease(hierarchical condition category [HCC]) and risk of higher-cost care. 

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