We have seen rises and falls in Covid-19. The pandemic has also highlighted the protection of Patients and health workers because it’s a key to ensuring a functioning health system and a functioning society. 

Covid-19 caused unforgettable commotion and challenges to healthcare.” New Ways of Working “ has certainly caused anxiety and fear to many of us. It is essential to protect the well-being of our healthcare workers as well as patients.

Safety Measures:

Establish a safety and health management system :

To encourage compliance with safety protocols, it is important that administrators include all workers in the appropriate decision-making process and perform regular organization performance reviews.

Safety Measures

Build a Rapid Response System :

Tools to enhance performance and patients safety includes:

  • Status of the patient 
  • Team members 
  • Environment 
  • Progress toward goal

Practice Patient-Centered Care

Evidence-based treatment supporters view patient-centered care as a critical framework for establishing and promoting desired wellness outcomes.

Make Sure That Health workers Know and Understand Safety Policies

Employees must understand the duties involved with upholding patient safety. Employees must feel safe to voice concerns. Training each new employee about hospital safety.

  Develop a Safety Compliance Plan

Compliance programs benefit health organizations in many ways, including

● Developing compliance standards suitable for the community and organization

● Establishing a framework to evaluate employee and vendor compliance

● Maintaining insurance claim integrity

● Promoting positive treatment outcomes

● Providing a centralized compliance outlet

Communicate Safety Information to Patients

In this environment, patients placed absolute trust in care providers. with the wealth of information available online, it is important that patients understand what health-related facts apply to their unique circumstances.

Incorporate Safe Hospital Design

Patients, employees, and administrators can eliminate most hospital errors by working as a team. However, it takes planning, commitment, and works to maintain a safe hospital environment.

Safe Environment For Health workers

 Once you have a clearer picture of your major workplace safety you are ready to engage with your employees to enlist their support in creating a company culture where safety is always top of mind.

Protective Atmosphere
  • Train Employees Well
  • Reward employees for safe behavior 
  • Partner with occupational Clinicians 
  • Use labels and signs 
  • Keep things clean
  • Make sure health workers have the right tools and have regular equipment inspections 
  • Encourage stretch breaks 
  • Implement safety protocols from the start 
  • Nominate a safety caption to communicate concerns 
  • Have a regular meeting on workplace safety 

When Healthcare workers are safe and healthy they can deliver better care to patients. It’s well established that having adequate nurse staffing has a direct impact on patient safety and outcome.

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