2021 is here! Remote patient monitoring is taking the world by storm. The Healthcare industry is gradually updating its healthcare trends to improve the Quality of patient care. 

With the growth in technology RPM is transforming practices in a better way. Remote patient monitoring is noted to be one of the most trending topics in the healthcare industry.

Remote Patient Monitoring is the Telehealth Program which enables the remote Medicare to the patients in anywhere that enhances the cloud clinical settings and redundant expenses.

The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring:

Transferring of patient health data from patient to physician or physician to patient or physician to other practitioner is made easy.

Remote patient monitoring services have no restriction or don’t have any limitation on the areas to which services are provided. In the future RPM, services are offered to every nook and corner of the nation.

88% of healthcare providers are considering investing in Remote patient monitoring; As per CTA (Consumer Technology Association), 68% of healthcare practices strongly recommend patient monitoring services. 

Additionally RPM paves way for a better and efficient healthcare experience for patients with minimal expenditure.

Cellular-Enabled Devices:

Cellular Connected Care used for Primary Practitioners that are working by an computerized allotment using push notifications to accelerates your patients and also patients make a response at a time from anywhere.

The Chronic Conditions of your patients can be managed efficiently by the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program with the help of Cellular-Enabled Devices.

According to a study : 

  • Patient outcomes increased to 49% by using remote patient monitoring.
  • The compliance rate improved to  44%.
  • Increased patient interest in health to 42%.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring:

To put it simply, patients get better access of 42% to healthcare irrespective of their location. 

The quality of care improved ie., Personalized care percentage increased to 43%; RPM offers a personal touch to healthcare for patients by directly connecting the patients with physicians.

Interaction with Patients

The upshot here is, Remote Patient Monitoring engaging patients in taking control of their health thus improving their health prospects in the future. 

Apart from engaging and offering comfort to the patients, RPM assures them that someone is there for them to constantly monitor their health, avoid health risks, and take good care of them. 

Redeem Patient’s Demands

The upcoming lines reveal the demand of patients in these tough times that they need to ensure an existing Patient-Provider Relationship for an enclosed concept as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) of Healthcare.

Healthcare Financial Impacts

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, physicians are forced to work with minimal support staff when the requirement is very high. But the healthcare industry managed to offer the best quality of care for patients from their homes by using Remote Patient Monitoring services reducing the risk of disease spread.

Implementation and cost of RPM solution and device are much lesser but provides high quality of care services to patients helping the physicians in their financial aspect.

Finally! When the technology tends to advance in 2021, Remote Patient Monitoring offers numerous benefits to patients and the healthcare industry, and it makes a positive impact on the healthcare industry’s growth. 

When Remote Patient Monitoring services are combined with Telehealth Programs, there is a bright future of the Healthcare Industry is waiting ahead. If you wish to unleash the Benefits of the RPM solution in favor of your practice, you can kick start your communication line with the AstuteDoc team.