Have you ever tried to track your patient’s vitals in-between visits? If so you will know how hard it is. Many patients will monitor for a few days and then stop. Some patients may forget about monitoring immediately after leaving the office. Through AstuteDoc’s Remote Patient Monitoring service, monitoring patient vitals in-between visits is a breeze. It is even billable through Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring service codes. We estimate an average reimbursement of $110/patient/month.

Primary Care Scheme

AstuteDoc’s Remote Patient Monitoring service is custom designed for Primary Care Practices. We have designed it with Medicare patients in mind. Our program provides you with the tools, process and the team making it very easy for you.

To provide a seamless Remote Patient Monitoring program. The following has to be in place:

The devices have to be cellular-enabled

Many Medicare patients are not used to connecting devices via a Bluetooth app. Some may not even use smartphones. Others may not have proper WiFi technology in their house. To be easy to use, once the patient measures their vitals, data must transfer without extra steps.

How Primary Care device is working?

AstuteDoc has parsed through tens of devices and selected only devices that are easy to use. Our devices immediately send data after taking a measurement. The device sends the data via embedded cellular connectivity. No app or Bluetooth connectivity is needed.

Remote patient monitoring service

                              Cellular Enabled Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

The Software Is Easy To Use

Not all device monitoring software is well suited for primary care practice workflow. We provide many features that simplify the delivery of the entire service. Our software allows for automatic time tracking. We provide appropriate clinical notes for easy entry. We provide a dashboard for maximizing completion. We also generate automated billing statements. We use our 5 years of experience delivering the Chronic Care Management software in our app. Providing a Remote Patient Monitoring program has never been easier with AstuteDoc.


AstuteDoc dashboard provides primary care practices with an easy-to-use RPM software

Full Service or Software Only- Primary care

Primary Care Practices are already very busy. Many do not have the time or bandwidth to start a new program. Hence, we provide a Full-Service version of our program. We will provide you with an off-site contact center staff that will follow up with your patients. Our staff will keep tabs on your patients to maximize completion. Our clinical protocols will deliver high-quality clinical care. We will always work as an extension of Primary Care Practice.

Remote patient monitoring program

We provide a software-only program or a full-service contracting facility as well.

If you feel that the AstuteDocs program might be a good fit for you – Contact Us to learn more. We will provide you with an educational presentation on the program. AstuteDoc’s Remote Patient Monitoring devices could just be what the doctor ordered!