Hello World! We would like to encourage you to know the RPM CPT code of 2021 on succeeding in the New Normal within your house only. 

With the pandemic came a sea of change in the way of the Medicare Industry. In-House Care which was only a benefit for most became the way all of us survey daily to get appreciable health.

This article will elucidate some of the key changes in Remote Patient Monitoring CPT Codes in 2021 brought out by the pandemic and shedding light on exposing the best CPT Codes of the NEW NORMAL.

CPT Code

AstuteDoc is going to discuss key changes of CPT Codes and productive CPT Codes for pandemics. 

The American Medical Association uncovers the 329 editorial changes of CPT Codes of 2021 which portrays 206 New Codes, 54 Deletions, and 69 Revisions. 

According to CMS Fact sheets, better changes made in RPM Programs and reimbursement for 2021 elaborated can access acute and chronic conditions. 

In RPM Codes, 99453 RPM CPT code covers onboarding and educating patients & setting the necessary RPM devices by clinical staff members.

Code 99454 covers daily biometric readings and programmed alerts & transmits data 16 days once per month. 

Respond to Covid Situation, CPT Code 99457 covers reimbursement for physiological parameters, 20 minutes per calendar month & interactive communication with patients and providers. 

Code 99458 added with 99457 encloses monitor of interaction & additional 20 minutes of service. 

Finally, RPM CPT code 99091 covers only a collection of data & analysis of Remote care provided by Caregivers. 

A final rule 2021 of CMS about RPM CPT code is out there. To find more about CPT Codes additions and revisions widely, click here!

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