In the discussion on Medicare, there are several myths that we came across. Although the pandemic creates huge misconceptions about Medicare in the healthcare industry which confused people over 65 years of age.

“Medicare Navigation; It’s not Confusing Ever”

When people are throwing the myths surrounding Medicare for all. AstuteDoc’s favorite to-do list just gets to break up every single one of misconceptions and shatter the illusion of choice that cheers you up immensely.

Also, everyone wishes to find out the Truth about What it Covers among several Medical types of equipment, Pharmacy Owners, and Care Providers. 

Fact #1 Not Free & Same time, Not Expensive 

Want to know the entire Medicare Payroll Structure? Amazing! You can clarify more and know the values in just 5 minutes. It just depends on what program you choose.

Liberated Hospital Insurance is provided in Part A Medicare but not for everyone which is based on Payroll Taxes who enroll in the Part A care Programs i.e you have to pay copays.

“It is Full of Advantages; Not Free”

You guys can ask us, is Part B Medicare free? Your income level only reveals the features of the Part B program and monthly premiums. For example, if your income level is more than or equal to $88000, then your monthly premium is $148.50.

” All about Premium Plans!”

The combination of Part A & Part B care program aspect is Part C Medicare program which means Private Insurance cored on plans that cover some advantage services such as Eye Exams, Dental Care, Hearing Aids & Fitness Programs.

People always confuse the Care Programs and Drug plans. The prescription medications just originated from the Part D Medicare program which varies by area, plan, and drug lists.

Finally, Medigap i.e Supplement of Medicare (Advanced Medicare) used to save your bucks compared with other plans. 

Apart from that, people have to know the facts about Medicare and its advantage plans. The fact sheets of Medicare cover many truths and surveys of Part A & Part B based on the previous year’s.

Fact #2 Not Automatic; When Turn 65

If this is to say Truth or Misconception, absolutely it is both!

Getting Social Security or Railroad Recruitment Board (RRB) benefits, will achieve Part A & Part B automatically. Otherwise, the enrollment in Part D, Medigap & Advantage plans have to be done by yourself before four months when you turn 65 voluntarily.

Fact #3 Medicaid & Medicare aren’t Same

” Is it Confusing? Chill!”

Care & Aid! Different

Both are only Government healthcare programs but Medicare is just working under The Federal Government & Medicaid is surveying under The Federal Government & States

Favors to People:

  • Access Dual Eligibility but separate.
  • Free or Low-Cost based on people
  • Long-term care

Fact #4 I’m Poor, I’m also eligible for Medicare!

“It’s tricky! But AstuteDoc make it lucid”

You are insufficient? No-fuss! AstuteDoc is just curious to clarify that it will never refuse you. It will cuddle you when you’re sick & earlier healthcare conditions.


Things to Remember: Avoid penalties by knowing when to enroll in your Medicare Programs. That’s it!

Fact #5 Medicare For Not Only 65 & Over

Among people, it is a huge false assumption. People suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or End-stage Renal Disease at any age are eligible for Care Programs.

Care For All

For 2 years, they also qualify for Social Disability benefits or RRB Disability benefits.

Fact #6 You should enroll! Spouse Enrollment not valid

“It’ll never be said to enroll, You Should!”

At the age of 65, it’s your own only. By knowing the healthcare coverage you can activate your Care Programs with the help of employers at an instance.

Fact #7 Medicare with Drug Plan

Drug plans are enclosed many supports and traits as

  • Enroll with your zip code
  • Add your Drugs & Dosage
  • Pick your nearest Pharmacy
  • Enable Premium Plans on your choice
  • Cloudy actions only.
Advantages of Care

Drug plans are different from other Care Programs which are termed Medicare Part D (Prescription Plans). 

From here, people do not have to complicate Drug Coverage with other Healthcare Programs.

To know more about Part D Drug Coverage, just read this article!

Apart from the above 7 misconceptions, people think Medicare is working only under the Federal Government. But it is not true at all. The original Medicare is Part A (covers hospital visits) & Part B (covers medical services) only provided by the federal government.

Otherwise, Part C (Medi Advantage Plans) & Part D (Drug Coverage) are provided by Private Insurance organizations.

In AstuteDoc’s view, these are the dominant misconceptions around Healthcare Programs and Care Program Coverages. We do more than our comfort zone, because of Health!

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