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Principal Care Management

Specialists can now Deliver PCM programs in-house or through our care coordination center

PCM Reimbursement

Specialists can generate passive revenue while providing the highest quality of care with the Principal care Management program. Patient with one complex high-risk condition qualifies for this service. We have been in the business for many years and have optimized our services.


CPT: G2064

  • 30 mins of service
  • Every calendar month
  • Prior Consent Needed
  • One billing provider 

CPT: G2065

  • Alternative to 99490
  • Every calendar month
  • 60 mins of service
  • Complex Patients
Custom Software

Custom Software

Delivering a principal care management program requires a specialized set of tools and features. Ranging from marking appropriate conditions as Chronic Conditions, categorizing timings, and notes to create automated care plans. Doing this within the EHR or with Excel files is simply too much of a hassle.

With our software, patients can be preloaded through automatic export from the EHR. Then, when chronic conditions are marked, pre-built care plans are automatically generated & modifiable to individual patient needs. This would prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and improve the outcome of the patient. These pre-built care plans can be used to provide further care for the patient and deliver exceptional reporting through our dashboards.

High Quality Care

Full-Service Offering

Some practices might choose to do the program on their own and provide the service using their own staff. Other practices might not have the capacity to go through hiring & training personnel to offer these programs.

Fortunately, AstuteDoc has just the right tools to enable practices to execute the principal care management programs in both models. We will work with you to identify key patients to enroll. After enrollment, you can transition the patients to our care coordination center or perform service on your own. In full-service offering, our care coordination staff will call the patients on the providers' behalf and coordinate with the practice for escalation scenarios.

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Pre-Built Clinical Protocols

One of the rigorous tasks of executing a clinical program is the creation of clinical protocols to get started on the project. Each condition needs a modifiable care plan and its associated care scripts for month-to-month interactions.

With AstuteDoc, all the clinical protocols come pre-built in. When you identify the patient's at-risk chronic conditions, the disease-specific care plans are automatically generated to prevent hospitalization & improve the quality measures. We also provide you with up to date clinical call scripts to keep the patients engaged and informed.

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