Advancing Healthcare: TelliHealth’s Smart Devices and AstuteDoc’s Integration

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In the advancing landscape of healthcare, remote patient monitoring is making significant strides. Patients can now manage their health from the comfort of their homes, while healthcare providers receive real-time data to make informed decisions. At the forefront of this transformative process is the collaboration between AstuteDoc and TelliHealth. TelliHealth’s Innovative Medical Devices TelliHealth, a […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: Cellular Vs Bluetooth vs Hub Devices 

Remote Patient Monitoring: Cellular Vs Bluetooth vs Hub Devices

Introduction Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring is gaining momentum, and it’s crucial for doctors and healthcare practices to determine the most suitable devices for their patients. In this post, we primarily focus on medically relevant B2B devices as opposed to consumer devices, and we explore the differences among Bluetooth, cellular, and hub devices to help you […]

How Do Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Work?

Introduction to Remote Patient Monitoring Devices In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, technology continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the way we receive and deliver medical services. One such advancement is the advent of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices, which have significantly improved patient care by allowing healthcare providers to keep a close […]