Our Story

A message from Dr. Vyas

Dr. Vyas


Hello! I am Dr. Dhruv Vyas. For the last 27 years, I have been running a successful highly-ranked value-based care private group practice in rural North Carolina. Through my extensive healthcare experience, I was a founder or actively involved in ACOs, a Pharm. D. and a Physician organization. I am the CEO of my healthcare consulting company and separately, I have also organized free health screening camps for years for the underserved community.

During my tenure as an executive in the Carolinas ACO, I noticed that healthcare was so inefficient and fragmented, and doctors are struggling to provide better care to the patient while the hospitals and high-dollar procedures were costing the healthcare system a tremendous expenditure. That led to the idea that efficient care management of patients with chronic disease can lead to better patient outcomes, fewer complications, and significant healthcare dollar savings while improving the quality of life for patients.


At that point, we decided to start an intelligent self-intuitive software product with the service at the ground level taking care of the patient needs and reducing wasteful spending while improving quality metrics.

Senthil Premraj


Hello! I’m Senthil Premraj and I am a Cloud Entrepreneur. I run a company called SaaS Trail Venture Studio and I am a part-owner of AstuteDoc.


Before I created AstuteDoc, I had another product in Healthcare. I had the opportunity to acknowledge the change that was going on in the industry where doctors not only have to take care of patients, but mainly they have to showcase how they are improving patients’ life and decreasing the cost of care.


Doctors now have to play an active role in the economy, which is an interesting shift. The whole process depends on massive amounts of data – all required information needs to be carefully collected, first, in order to help a patient, but second, also to help the Healthcare sector decrease costs.


That is what triggered my interest, and I wanted to be a part of that change through a product that supports this process in a positive way.

A message from S Premraj

Goal and Mission

Dr. Vyas and Senthil Premraj met through a mutual contact. They both had a similar dream and had previous attempts at solving the gap between care and profit in Healthcare. They wanted to build something successful, and that is how AstuteDoc started forming. Initially, they got a very few number of customers, but it was clear that the need was going to grow, and they persisted in developing as a company.

AstuteDoc stands for value-based care partnership with medical practices. If the clients are interested in providing better chronic disease management services in reducing hospitalization and closing quality gaps, AstuteDoc is the right product. In addition, while providing such services, it generates significant revenue for the clients to keep them financially viable.

AstuteDoc's mission is to support doctors in becoming more astute.