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Annual Wellness Visit

Enhancing Patient Care and Maximizing Value

At AstuteDoc, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services to our patients and providers. We have developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure that every patient receives the best care possible.

100% Completion for Your Entire Patient Panel

Stay Informed with our Dashboard: We offer a user-friendly dashboard that keeps the staff and healthcare providers updated and motivated.

Efficient Visit Preparation: To streamline your visit, we email 60% of visit questions in advance, allowing you to respond before your appointment.

Front Office Convenience: Our tablet interface enables you to complete 60% of questionnaires for 4 to 5 patients simultaneously.

Maximizing Per-Visit Services

We aim to enhance the value of every visit, elevating it from a standard $120 service to a $300+ experience. Our Services Include:

Annual Wellness Visit: A thorough check-up to assess your overall health and provide preventive care recommendations.
Depression Screening (PHQ-9): Identifying risk factors and offering appropriate support.
Alcohol Misuse Screening (AUDIT-C): Screening for alcohol misuse and providing counseling when needed.
Advanced Care Planning: Helping you make informed decisions about your future medical care.
Obesity Counseling: Guidance and support for weight management.
Cardiovascular Counseling: Expert advice on heart health and managing risk factors.
STD Counseling: Education and support related to sexually transmitted diseases.
Smoking Cessation Counseling: Tailored support to help you quit smoking.
Alcohol Misuse Counseling: Professional counseling and interventions for alcohol-related issues.

Patient Prevention Plan and Monitoring

For each Annual Wellness Visit, a Patient Prevention Plan must be created and provided to the patient. Numerous healthcare practices face challenges in accomplishing this task using their internal EHR software. With AstuteDoc software, the patient prevention plan is generated automatically, and updates to preventive care are seamlessly maintained, remaining active for the subsequent AWV.

Using Validated Questionnaires and Guidelines

We employ validated questionnaires and guidelines recommended by the CDC and other reputable sources. These include tools such as PHQ-9 (Depression Screening), GAD-7 (Anxiety Screening), AUDIT-C (Alcohol Misuse Screening), CDC STEADI (Fall Risk Assessment), CDC GET UP and GO (Fall Risk Assessment), ADL and IADL screening, and smoking risk assessment.

Principal Care Management

Seamless Enrollment and Disenrollment

Simplifies patient enrollment processes, ensuring smooth transitions in and out of care

Specialized Care Plans for Complex Conditions

Tailored care plans for managing complex specialty conditions enhance patient outcomes and quality of care.

Call Scripts for Care Coordinators

Provides care coordinators with detailed guidance, optimizing their management of patient care.

Smart Note-Taking Capability

Simplifies documentation, allowing for efficient and accurate recording of patient information.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Maximizes completion rates, ensuring that all necessary tasks are efficiently managed for the best patient care possible.

Proactive Quality Monitoring

Proactively Monitor and Close Gaps 

Empower yourself to take control of your healthcare by proactively monitoring and closing gaps in your coverage, ensuring effective negotiations with insurance companies.

Select Key Metrics for Tracking and Reporting

Choose and monitor specific key metrics that matter most to you, allowing for a personalized and data-driven approach to your healthcare.

Track Metrics Alongside CCM or PCM

Seamlessly integrate the tracking of chosen metrics with Chronic Care Management (CCM) or Primary Care Management (PCM), providing a comprehensive overview of your health status.

Dashboard for Maximizing Metric Completions

Access a dedicated dashboard to optimize the completion of each tracked metric, ensuring that you stay on top of your health goals and quality care.

Accompanying Notes to Close Quality Gaps

Receive valuable notes and guidance to assist in closing any quality gaps, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care and attention to your health needs.

Chronic Care Management

Seamless Enrollment and Disenrollment

Reduces administrative burdens and ensures efficient patient management.

Built-In Clinical Care Plans

Eases the workload for your clinical staff, enhancing productivity and patient care.

Automated and Smart Note Capability

Simplifies service note documentation, minimizing typing effort and enhancing record accuracy.

Streamlined Preventive Care Management

Streamlines preventive care management, making it easier to provide comprehensive healthcare.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Maximizes completion rates, ensuring compliance and boosting profitability in your healthcare practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamless Enrollment and Disenrollment

Streamlines patient enrollment and disenrollment processes, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both patients and healthcare staff.

Built-In Connectivity with Multiple Cellular Device Connectivity Vendors

Provides access to a range of cellular device connectivity options, with expert guidance to select the most suitable one, ensuring reliable and efficient data access.

Smart Note-Taking Capability

Automatically generates detailed notes from collected data, reducing manual documentation effort and improving the accuracy of patient records.

Dashboard for Maximizing Completions

Enhances task management and completion rates, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken for comprehensive patient care.

ChatGPT Integration

Future integration with ChatGPT promises to enhance patient interactions and provide additional support, making healthcare interactions even more informative and efficient.

Behaviour Health Integration

Seamless Enrollment and Disenrollment

Simplify the patient enrollment and disenrollment process, ensuring a smooth healthcare journey.

Monitor Patients Over Time on Validated Rating Scales

Continuously assess patient well-being using validated rating scales such as PHQ-9 for Depression, GAD-7 for Anxiety, and AUDIT-C for alcohol misuse screening.

Smart Note-Taking Capability

Automate note-taking, streamlining documentation efforts while maintaining comprehensive patient records.

Dashboard for Maximizing Completions

Access a dedicated dashboard to optimize metric completions and ensure effective patient care.

Why Us

Enterprise Solution

For multiple practice entities or care coordination partners, we provide more features such as a multi-practice dashboard and advanced analytics. The pricing is based on completion codes with a discount at higher numbers of completions.

Quality Dashboard

The Dashboard is a quality measurement service. It comes along with a full pack of measurement tools that will help you track and improve your overall performance.

Improve by Request

We will improve our software based on your requests. You can discuss your personal needs with our Technical Lead, and he will design a solution for you.

AstuteDoc Academy

AstuteDoc provides every client with AstuteDoc Academy, which is an educational library of contents with videos and self-assessment modules. It serves to prepare the Healthcare practitioners for their in-house operations. It provides software training with certification to ease the burden of learning new software skills.


If you are a small practice and you don't have the capacity to handle all this on your own, we have initiated a Handover-to-Partner Service that will cover the whole process. Learn more about our certified trusted partners and let's get you in touch.