Higher Compliance

Remote Patient Monitoring

Help your patients control their vitals through continuous monitoring and support.

RPM Reimbursement

Medicare has modified the reimbursement guidelines for Remote Patient Monitoring. It can now be delivered as a physician-supervised service similar to Chronic Care Management as supposed to a physician delivered service. Our turn-key solution includes enrollment, device transmission, review service through our 24/7 care coordination center.


CPT: 99453

  • Initial Work
  • Patient Enrollment
  • Device Set-Up
  • Patient Education

CPT: 99457

  • Review and Management
  • 20 mins across month
  • Staff can review
  • Physician Supervision Only

CPT: 99454

  • Transmission Of Data
  • At least 16 days/month
  • At least one device
  • No audio or video required

CPT: 99458

  • Additional Review
  • Additional 20 mins
  • Staff can review
  • Physician Supervision Only

Track your patients' health in-between visits

Patients want better interaction with the providers. Automatically track key vitals for your patients and improve patient-provider relationship.

Higher Compliance

Cellular Enabled Devices

It may be challenging for practice to find tech-savvy medicare patients. It is hard to teach the patients to take measurements and transfer through their smartphones.

AstuteDoc's product team has carefully reviewed multiple device vendors to pick cellular-enabled and easy to use devices. With our devices, patients can simply take a measurement and it automatically transmits to our software.

No device is 100% perfect but we have carefully tested many of the devices in the market and picked the best ones. Our team members have even gone to remote locations to verify the transmission of data.

Patient Nudges

Patient Nudges

Let's face it, things like blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight are not problems that show immediate symptoms. Even with a lot of education during the visit, the patient may not keep up with all the data tracking to be compliant.

Hence, to keep a patient compliant, when data has not transmitted to our software, we send them gentle text-based reminders on the importance of taking the measurement.

We also provide a clear dashboard view for the care-coordinators to follow-up with the patient via a personal phone call.

Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts

Many patients may measure their blood pressure in the office right after taking medication and they may be normal. Once they go home, they may forget to take their medication and the blood pressure spikes. In a worst-case scenario, they may end up in the ER or have further complications.

All of this can be avoided with AstuteDoc software, our custom-built tools allow practices to set default critical alerts and modify it for the patient. When a patient sends the measurement, we verify it with their alerting status and send the appropriate alert receiver immediate emails.

With multiple alerts generated, providers can counsel them on behavior or change their medication to mitigate these escalation scenarios.

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